Get To Know Me Meme & 56 Facts About Me

I’d seen this sort of memes and minigames floating around twitter before, but this time I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon. However, since I: 1) like to keep my twitter profile free of clutter so I can manage Wild Treasury stuff more easily and 2) didn’t really like the idea of spamming timelines with tens of tweets of nonsense about me (because let’s be fair, some peeps might have gotten tired of seeing the meme for days and that’s 100% okay)- I decided to just make a blog post to compile them all. I’ve also started this website and blog pretty recently, so I thought it was a fitting means to open up a bit and let you guys know a little more about the face behind Wild Treasury and the Blood Elf Hunter I impersonate online.


So, feel free to grab a beverage, take a seat with me and with no further ado… let’s do this!

1. I have a brother, 3 sisters and 2 half-brothers (from my father’s second marriage). My oldest sibling is 16 years older than me.

2. I don’t like being called by my first name, which creates a lot of awkward situations in my daily life. Apart from my family, I usually don’t go by it. It’s not Ariana, but there are times I wish it would have been.

3. Once when I was a toddler, I poured half a bottle of my mom’s Poison Dior perfume all over my father’s keyboard. *puts on sunglasses*

4. I have way too many hobbies for my free time. Crafting, drawing, writing, painting… I wanna do it all and some days I can feel all over the place.

5. I used to draw a LOT when I was a kid and usually got compliments from family, friends and teachers. Sadly I stopped for over 10 years. Been trying to get back to it but my time management skills suck.

6. As a matter of fact, when I was ~10 I won a drawing contest by McDonald’s and earned my family a free group meal.

They didn’t expect my family to be so big. 😂

7. I am an extremely private person by default, especially irl. I kind of made an exception to this meme.

8. I’m pagan (ecletic Wiccan and bard-in-training), born in a Catholic family. I rarely talk about my faith due to the stigma.

9. When I was a kid I used to spend a lot of time playing in the woods, even during rainy days. Today, exploring and walking in the woods is still one of my favourite things.

giphy (8)

10. I was an amateur dancer for over 13 years, starting with ballet then hip hop. I quit at 19 because of college and a bad knee.

11. I main a hunter in WoW but in a ‘real’ Azeroth I would definitely be a druid because NATURE and I could never harm a living creature. (Spiders don’t count as creatures, right?)

12. In fact, as a kid everytime I saw my mom chasing mice in our yard with a broom I’d literally beg her not to hurt them, haha!

She always killed them still. 🙁

13. I am an environmentalist and it kinda disgusts me when someone shows absolutely no regard for this Earth and the future of upcoming generations.

14. When it comes to pets, I’m 100% a cat person. I’ve owned 10 cats throughout my life, but nowadays I only have Misha. He’s the best companion I could ever ask for.

15. At one point in my childhood, my family lived with two dogs, four cats, an hamster, a cockatoo and a couple of fishies.

16. My favorite animal is the lynx. But fennec foxes and deer are close seconds.

17. Coffee makes me anxious and I don’t like the taste of it so I never drink any. I’m addicted to tea though. Team Tea all the way! 🍵

18. I am an introvert so I prefer intimate gatherings over big parties. I might need a day or two alone to recharge after the latter.

giphy (6)

19. I hate wine, beer and champagne- basically the stuff everyone in my country drinks. This makes social situations even more awkward for me.

20. On the other hand I do love cider, mead and several spirits. I rarely drink alcohol though.

21. I’ve never smoked in my life or did any drugs or weed, like… anything whatsoever. I don’t have any curiosity about it. Some say those people don’t exist, but I am indeed living proof they do, lol.

22. I have this impulse to write things down and to keep physical stuff as well as plans and ideas tidy. Bullet journaling helps me a lot with that.

23. Still, my head is always in a race and I misplace things ALL. THE DAMN TIME. And then stress out because I can’t find them. It’s actually embarrassing.

24. I’m a sentimental dreamer and an idealist with high expectactions of the world around me and especially myself. This is both a blessing and a curse.

25. I tend to absorb emotions from people, get overwhelmed by tension or commotion, and cry for the dumbest of reasons. Make way for the pathetic emotional sponge!

26. Because of this I also tend to avoid conflict and criticism, and will sometimes react a bit too savagely when people are trying to help. An awful fault.

27. I don’t have any tattoos. Would love to get at least one someday, but I can’t seem to decide on a design. I want it to be truly meaningful.

giphy (5)

28. My shopping addictions? Art supplies, stationery and books. Fantasy novels and sagas like LotR and Mists of Avalon are my faves.

29. I almost forgot crystals… I loooove crystals and own a small collection of them.

30. I’m a chocoholic. I crave some almost every day but bless my self-control. Just thinking about chocolate makes my mouth water. 🤤

31. I can’t play any musical instrument, but would love to learn how to play the celtic harp, or maybe the violin.

32. My early teenage years were HEAVILY marked by Pokémon. I never missed an episode, knew the original 151 Pokémon by order and played several Pokémon games. I still own those, as well as my Game Boys and my Pikachu Edition N64.

33. I was a late bloomer when it comes to PC gaming though. Apart from WoW and very few others, I haven’t played that many games.

34. There was also a time in my early teens when I was OBSESSED with Ocean Girl and mermaids and swimming and stuff.

35. Other TV shows I really enjoyed as a kid were Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Dragon Ball Z, Starla and the Jewel Riders, and Goosebumps.

36. Back then I’d spend HOURS surfing dial-up internet, browsing fantasy artwork and making websites with gifs and midi songs on Geocities. (Reminder that internet at the time was paid by *the minute*… I was grounded several times.)

giphy (4)

37. When it comes to music, most people seem kind of surprised when they find out that I love liquid drum and bass as well as melodic dubstep. I listen to many different genres though.

38. I love warm sunny days and normally hot weather doesn’t even bother me. Anar’alah belore! ☀️

39. I started playing WoW in August 2008. My boyfriend had been asking me to try it out for a whole year. My trial character was an undead warlock, but my hunter has been my main since the day I bought the game.

40. I also started handcrafting jewelry in the same year. I’ve tried several techniques but there’s still SO MUCH I want to learn.

41. As I grew up I really wanted to go to art school but my father didn’t agree to it at the time. He wanted me to become a doctor or an economist.

42. Years passed and I ended up getting a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. It’s a very interesting profession but its fields of activity are far from what I wanted for me.

43. They say your college years are usually the best in your life. Personally, I’m glad I am finally done with them.

44. I did enjoy my internship in scientific research on biodiversity though. My thesis rated 18 out of 20. The team wanted to keep me, but research funding was cut off that year.

45. A guilty pleasure: Eurovision Song Contest. I was so happy when my country was deemed this year’s winner after decades of terrible results, haha!


46. I was nyctophobic (severely afraid of the dark) for most of my life. It still makes me uncomfortable but I managed to finally ditch nightlights just 4 years ago.

47. My ideal vacation: outdoor camping surrounded by nature and away from noise, with lots of exploring, hiking, a book and somewhere to take a swim.

48. I like ketchup on my pasta. Fite me.

49. When I was 15 one of my best friends passed away unexpectedly. It was a tough summer. He was kind and funny, and would stand up for the girls that other boys used to bully.

50. My favourite color is purple. I find it to be both a soothing and uplifting color that inspires growth and creativity.

51. The only time I saw snow, I was like 4 years old. I can’t remember what it feels like.

52. Sometimes I wish I lived in the northeast of my country, where plateaus, river valleys, mountains and castles abound. I love travelling there.

53. Apart from that, I would love to visit the Scottish Highlands probably more than any other place in the world.

54. My favourite holiday is Halloween (aka Samhain in pagan culture).


55. At my very best, I think I’m conscientious, warm-hearted, tactful, caring, loyal, creative, insightful, passionate, dedicated and strong-willed.

56. At my worst, I can be moody, envious, self-conscious, self-absorbed, hypersensitive, perfectionistic and neurotic.

And that’s a wrap! This was so much more difficult to me than I expected hence having taken a while to finish my list, haha. Thanks everyone who took part in it. T’was fun! And also… kudos if you took some of your time to read all of this. 😅

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