June 2017: Commission List and Agenda

These are my expected plans for the current month. The time periods below are for crafting phases only and do not include briefing, sketches and shipping. Please note that these dates are not guaranteed and may change depending on various factors (such as illness or other IRL situations), but I always do my best to meet them.

05/06 – 13/06   Commission: @SaradoraArt (Crystal Vine pendant)

09/06 – 19/06   Art Trade: @FallingStardusk (Crystal Vine pendant)

14/06 – 24/06   Commission: @AnchoriteAirmed (Crystal Vine pendant)

20/06 – 28/06   Commission: @warsonghold (Fantasy Acorn pendant)

24/06 – 30/06   Personal Art (TBA)


For behind-the-scenes and WiPs on these works, feel free to pledge to me on Patreon, starting as low as $1/month. By pledging you can also have access to other rewards such as discount codes, guaranteed commission slots and freebies.

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