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Patreon Rewards Revamp

Recently my Patreon has been subject to a generous number of changes including new rewards. This is something I aspire to do every once in a while as my art and support towards it grow and evolve, considering how important I find interaction with the pulic and supporters to be.

Here’s the complete list of changes I’ve made:

Wee Little Acorns ($1 tier) now also have access to sketches of my designs and commissions. This means they will get to know what I plan on working on even sooner than before.

Lynx Cubs ($3) and above will now have access to early announcements of commission openings, usually about and/or at least 3-5 days before the general public, so they can prepare in advance if interested.

Crystal Vines ($5) and above now have access to guaranteed spots whenever they apply to commissions (aka, you skip the draw to get directly into my queue).

Majestic Wildcats ($10) and above get the chance to commission me for completely new designs other than acorns, crystal vines, terrariums and others in my commission examples list, as long as their concepts remain relatively close to my style.

Ranger Captains ($30) will now get a surprise gift every 3 months (instead of 6), with the first gift being sent out after 2 consecutive months of pledging. Free birthday gift replaces one of these.

New feature: Monthly Theme Polls! The idea is to work on something picked by patrons every month or so. These polls will, thus, happen during the first few days of every month and are open to Lynx Cubs ($3 tier) and above. Next poll will happen in December, as I am currently busy with holiday preparations.

I hope you guys enjoy these changes and please feel free to share any input with me, as well as any questions that may arise. I am always looking to improve this platform and who better than you guys to suggest new ideas or improvements.

If you’d like to support my work and have access to these rewards and more, please consider having a look at my Patreon.


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