Meet Floki the kitten!

If you follow me on twitter, you might already have seen more of this little fella.

For almost a year, me and my boyfriend had been considering adopting a second cat. It was roughly a month ago that we finally decided to take the step, after a coworker showed him pictures of a litter of four kittens that he and his girlfriend had found and brought, together with the mother cat, to his place. We hadn’t actually met our chosen kitty until they brought him to our place a few weeks later. Poor thing wasn’t accustomed to humans yet so he was terrified, and would hiss and hide in every corner he could find. Misha, our 5-year old cat, wasn’t happy at all either, but that was to be expected.

We made our computer room into Floki’s safe room, while Misha was allowed to wander the rest of the house freely. The first few days were especially difficult, as we focused on both gaining the kitten’s trust and caring for Misha’s stress. On top of that, Floki wasn’t eating well and showed a couple of cold symptoms, but he swiftly improved after a couple of vet visits, some vitamins and an antibiotic. His integration in our home has gone increasingly well, too. It’s now been exactly a month since we adopted him and, although we still keep him in his room at night and while we’re not at home, it’s safe to say he and Misha have got 100% used to each other’s presence at this point. They play together a lot everyday, nap relatively close to each other and even share food bowls and litter boxes.

Misha is a very tender and caring cat, which has made integration so much easier. I feel proud of him at times, haha. Accepting a random intruder after 5 years as a sole furchild isn’t easy for a cat, but he’s surprised us to no end as he’s managed it really well. Floki, on the other hand, is as sweet and mischievous as little kittens can get. Life at our home is a party now.

Because of this adventure, I haven’t had so much quality time for crafting, but this has been changing as the kitties get along better. In the meanwhile, I’ve started working on the latest wave of commissions which I plan on finishing before the holidays. This is my last wave of the year, and I’m so excited with the concepts that I was given to work on. 🙂


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