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Coming in 2020!

New year, new art! 2020 is now here and gosh, has 2019 flown by. Also, so much for wishing to be more active in this blog in 2019. I know it’s been another long while since I last wrote here, but the past year has indeed been quite weird, if not a wee bit tough, for me. It was mostly a year of healing, of finding myself again… and while I do regret not having been able to make a lot of art in 2019, I recognize that a break and/or a slower rhythm was needed in order for me to achieve other, also very important things in my life.

And even though I didn’t make a lot of art last year, I did pour my whole art into all the projects I worked on. It was also the year I started dabbling with resin, a fun yet entirely new medium. What I know so far, I learned on my own and with the help of fellow artists in the community (I couldn’t be more grateful for all the life-saving advice and tips), but at this point I am still a beginner in resin casting. I feel like 2020 will be filled with learning and growth and I’m thrilled to see where this whole ordeal takes me.

Indeed, it is time to have a look ahead at some of what’s coming to Wild Treasury in 2020. The new year looks to be quite packed with all the preparations I’ve been making behind the scenes for the last few months. Of course, it’s a little difficult to have a full picture for the entire year, but I can tell there are many things that I’m excited to announce.

Here’s a list of everything I have planned or thought out for 2020 so far!

  • As usual, I will keep on focusing on polymer clay but also expanding my skills with resin; either revisiting older designs or creating brand new ones.
  • My Etsy shop will reopen sometime in January. Yes, I plan on starting 2020 strong! The plan was to actually reopen my Etsy on January 6th, but since my PC has broken down and is currently being repaired with no estimated date of return, I had to put that on hold and will have to postpone. In that case a new date will be announced as soon as I can get my computer back and finish making preparations. This shop update will feature Azerite and potion resin jewelry, as well as a few miscellaneous pieces I have in stock. It will not include the Heart of Azeroth yet (more on that below).
  • I am also planning a commission slots opening for late January, or early February at most, depending on logistics. As usual, patrons from the $5 tier and above will get first dibs or reserved slots for these. More info on dates and prices will come soon as well.
After months struggling with my health, I am finally caught up with most Patreon rewards.
  • The RangerLoot boxes will resume their supposed trimonthly schedule, with shipments planned for March, June, September and December. I’m already making plans and sketches for the March goodies. This year I really want to make an effort to finish the goodies a few weeks earlier, in order to give enough time for those who might be interested to pledge (since patrons need to pledge at least two months to unlock the first box).
  • With my health issues this year I wasn’t able to keep up with this trimonthly schedule, but now that I’m finally caught up with it, I wanna see how it goes in 2020. If I manage to keep up with the workload this time around I might open a couple of new slots for the Ranger Captain tier later in the year!
  • During or right after my shop’s reopening, I will also be opening a pre-sale for Heart of Azeroth replicas for patrons, starting from the $5 tier (they will become available to the remaining tiers and the public too a little later). There will be several options available for this piece, from just the medallion to magnets to full wearable replicas.
Starlight Rose Terrarium necklaces I created in 2018; the first Patreon-exclusive item I’ve ever made.
  • I have at least two (2) Patreon exclusive sales planned for 2020, one of them being the return of the Starlight Rose terrariums due to popular demand! The other Patreon exclusive will be a brand new item that my patrons themselves will get to CHOOSE out of a selection of designs on which I’m already brainstorming.
  • Due to the career change I’m currently going through, I will be investing a good amount in my own education in 2020- starting with two online courses by Neal Coleman from Verdant Sculpts, “Sculpting Creatures and Critters” and “Molding and Casting for Sculptors”, then moving to whatever else I can afford. I am very excited to learn new techniques and improve my overall skills!

As soon as my computer returns, I will be able to plan most of these things in more detail and announce more cool stuff! Until then, I am getting by with a borrowed laptop and working on whatever I can in the meanwhile. I’m just really excited to bring all of my plans into fruition. It’s really been a long time coming!

Nevertheless, I am still proud of what I have achieved in 2019 and I wouldn’t have done a major chunk of it without you. Your presence and support has no price and is so, so much appreciated! I make art because I love expressing myself and because I love bringing a wee bit of beauty and colour to the life of others. I am not very creative with words, so I talk a lot through my art work… and I’m so grateful to have such lovely people willing to “listen”. Thank you so much for being part of my 2019. I am very excited for what’s coming next and can’t wait to share it all with you.

May 2020 bring you fortune, epic adventure and legendary loot IRL!


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