A concept born in 2016, Wild Treasury is based off the idea of whimsical nature keepsakes. Inspiration for my designs is drawn both from fantasy and nature, combined with my own personal twist for a totally unique result. My creations can therefore make a pleasant gift to both fantasy nerds and nature lovers in general.

Every single one of my little sculptures is completely handmade from scratch using fine quality polymer clay or cast in resin from an original, then handpainted with acrylic paints and gilded pigments. No piece looks exactly the same, which makes them even more special!

About me


I’m Arianwen, or Ari as most people call me, a self-taught artist from Portugal who spends most of her free time pursuing artistic endeavours and playing a Blood Elf hunter in World of Warcraft. Having explored various media since I can remember, from drawing and nature photography to fantasy photo manipulation and crafting, I’m always eager to expand my horizons and learn new things.

It was back in 2008 when I started playing around with the basics of jewelry making. Since then, I have attempted several materials and techniques such as threading, wirewrapping, collage, knotting (like macrame) and, more recently, clay modelling. Metal stampings and filigrees, cabochons, leather, pearls, semiprecious gemstones, Swarovski crystals, natural shells, most kinds of beads really- I’ve experimented with most of it throughout the years.

The vast majority of what I know today is self-taught and, well, I am still learning. I do not own any professional Arts degree- although, I would love such an opportunity. Learning on your own can be very challenging but it has its own benefit, because you get to explore different ways of thinking and develop the confidence to tackle challenging concepts and obstacles with little to no help. I love the independence that comes with it!

Even though I am currently not working in the field, I do have a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture. From my studies I have learned to pay attention to how the landscape really works and changes and to create ambience through the use of space, form, texture and color. A good portion of my artistic work is definitely based on these principles.

When I’m not doing artsy stuff or playing games, I’m probably reading, watching some TV series, doing pilates or spending time outdoors. I am currently living with my boyfriend and our boy-cats Misha and Floki, slowly building our little home as we go.

If you’d like to get in contact with me, the easiest ways are via e-mail: wildtreasury[@]gmail.com or this contact form.