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Patreon Rewards Revamp

Recently my Patreon has been subject to a generous number of changes including new rewards. This is something I aspire to do every once in a while as my art and support towards it grow and evolve, considering how important I find interaction with the pulic and supporters to be.

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July 2017: Current Queue and Agenda

We’re almost halfway through July and goodness, time really goes by so fast. June might have been my most productive month of 2017 so far, even if my commission queue got dragged a bit more than I initially expected for numerous reasons. Commissions are much harder than I could have thought (case to say, I was… not prepared)- but in a good way of course. Real life things don’t help much either.

So, for obvious reasons I didn’t open commissions this month, but I hope I can open a few more slots in the beginning of August after the current queue and my summer vacation. Until then, I’m entirely focused on finishing the remaining two commissions as well as planning a birthday gift for one of my patrons (a $10 tier perk).

And speaking of patrons, I am also devising some major changes to my Patreon and hope to implement them by the very end of July so they take effect as soon as next month. These would mostly involve much needed graphic/text updates and changes to tiers, probably including a couple of new perks- but it’s all but thoughts as of now.

As for the next wave of commissions, I’ll make sure to post an announcement here as well as on my twitter, so feel free to keep an eye out if you’re interested. 🙂

Have a great month everyone!


June 2017: Commission List and Agenda

These are my expected plans for the current month. The time periods below are for crafting phases only and do not include briefing, sketches and shipping. Please note that these dates are not guaranteed and may change depending on various factors (such as illness or other IRL situations), but I always do my best to meet them.

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Commissions are OPEN!

I am so excited to announce that commissions are finally open for the first time! There are 4 slots available and I will be accepting submissions for 24 hours, so that everyone around the globe can have the chance and time to apply.

To submit an application, please fill this form. It will remain open until tomorrow, June 2nd, 19:00 GMT. If you’re interested in commissioning me, please refer to my Terms and Conditions. I would urge you to be familiar with these terms before applying.

After the submission period ends, I will draw 4 commissions to work on over the course of the month. I’m so looking foward to hear about your ideas! ❤


Get To Know Me Meme & 56 Facts About Me

I’d seen this sort of memes and minigames floating around twitter before, but this time I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon. However, since I: 1) like to keep my twitter profile free of clutter so I can manage Wild Treasury stuff more easily and 2) didn’t really like the idea of spamming timelines with tens of tweets of nonsense about me (because let’s be fair, some peeps might have gotten tired of seeing the meme for days and that’s 100% okay)- I decided to just make a blog post to compile them all. I’ve also started this website and blog pretty recently, so I thought it was a fitting means to open up a bit and let you guys know a little more about the face behind Wild Treasury and the Blood Elf Hunter I impersonate online.

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