Commission Info


Jewelry commissions are currently CLOSED. New openings will be announced here and on my twitter. Stay tuned!

Click here to see some commission examples and respective prices.


Order Process

  • Phase 1: submission – everytime I open commissions, I will accept unlimited submissions for a period of 24-48h, so everyone around the globe can have the chance to submit an application. For that, you must fill the commission form when it’s available. After the form is closed, the number of commissions I can take on will be pulled out of the list. If, on the other hand, the commission queue isn’t filled by the end of this period, the form will remain available until all slots are filled.
  • Phase 2: briefing – if your application is accepted, I will get in contact with you via the provided e-mail address, to discuss details of your commission and price adjustments if it’s the case (ie, if your concept calls for something much more elaborate than the usual). Please try to be as concise and clear as possible about which elements are important to you. If applicable, reference pictures can be provided. Sketches may be made to experiment with different shapes or color combos.
  • Phase 3: payment – this is required upfront before I start crafting your order. If materials are needed to be purchased or ordered, you will be required to make a prepayment of at least half the total price before I invest in your piece. The remaining value should be paid after I acquire the materials and before I start crafting.
  • Phase 4: modelling and sculpting – once I start working on your piece, I’ll keep in touch with you and send progress pictures every few days so you can follow the process. There will be room for minor changes, but if for some reason you require me to start over with the sculpture (or part of it), I will charge an extra 25% of the piece’s price. I expect you to reply to my messages within 36h, and to suggest any changes also as soon as possible.
  • Phase 5: baking and curing – after you’ve approved the overall look of your miniature’s shape, it will be baked and left to cure for a few hours, maybe one day depending on my schedule. At this point there will be no room for any tweaks in its shape and base colors.
  • Phase 6: painting – like in phase 4, you will receive progress pictures as I go. Minor revisions such as color corrections are allowed, up to a maximum of two revisions. After that, I will charge an extra 5% of the piece’s total price for each revision.
  • Phase 7: varnishing and assembling – after the painting is approved and fully dry, your piece will be coated with semigloss varnish for protection against the elements and then assembled to a final piece of jewelry. NO revisions of any type will be accepted at this stage.
  • Phase 8: shipping – finally, your order will be carefully packaged and left at the post office for transit and delivery via registered airmail, which provides a tracking number. Shipping fees are as follows:
    • Portugal: 4,35€
    • European Union: 5,35€
    • Everywhere else: 6,55€
  • By commissioning me, you automatically agree to this process as well as my terms and conditions, which I urge you to read before filling my form.