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Commissions opening on June 1st!

After giving the matter a lot of thought, I’ve finally decided to take a new step as an artist and open commissions for the first time. There will be 4 slots available, but I will accept applications for a period of 24h so that everyone around the globe can get a chance. After that period has passed, I will draw 4 applications at random and get in contact with everyone.

Commissions will open on June 1st 2017 at 19:00 GMT. To apply for a commission, you must fill my commission form (name, e-mail and details about your idea) once I make it available. Please make sure to read and agree with my Terms and Conditions before you submit your form. You can also check some commission examples in there.

For this first time, custom orders/commissions will be limited to my current designs (ie, acorns, orc tusks, mushroom terrariums and crystal branches/blossoms) and variations of them. This is because, as you guys are probably aware, I am quite the newbie clay artist, so coming up with totally new clay designs involves a very long process and is way too time consuming. As time goes by and I come up with new successful designs, the examples list will grow and I might even get to a point where I’m confident and experienced enough for 100% custom designs.

I’m SO excited for this and looking forward to hearing about your requests and ideas! Hopefully this will be an enriching experience! 🙂

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